Physical Therapy Research Ambassadors

What are Ambassadors?

They are Physical Therapy Research and Rapid Review brand ambassadors. They are a community committed to learning and keeping up with the most exciting and helpful research coming out. Ambassadors connect with one another online and get unique access to our private community, and the opportunity to provide special input to Rapid Reviews. Side note: They also get Rapid Review swag.

What would I do?

Spread the word about Rapid Reviews in your community, campus, network, family, those random Facebook friends… use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up

Wear Rapid Review swag around town 

Give feedback and brainstorm with Physical Therapy Research team.


What would I get?

An invite to our private Facebook group where you can connect and network with other Ambassadors and receive exclusive content. 

The chance to be acknowledged and contribute to the content we share.

Some awesome t-shirts, exclusive to this group.

Partnership perks, discount codes to therapy related products. 

How do I start?

Use your personal link to get 10 new members on board. Find your link/sign-up here and start sharing!

Email to get more info, ask questions, give suggestions. Know someone who should be an Ambassador? Email us to nominate them.