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Our Rapid Research Review is our weekly newsletter that contains 3 leading-edge physical therapy research articles summarized and sent direct to your inbox every Friday.  We ensure that it takes less than 5 minutes to read and distills important current research into key points and takeaways, meaning you can stay at the very top of your field.

Reviews are sent out every Friday morning Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

Each review is sent as an email that is easy to read and print-friendly email.

We recommend archiving the Rapid Research Reviews so you can re-visit them later! Search in your email inbox for past Rapid Research Reviews.

The only difference between our monthly and annual memberships is that our annual memberships get 2 weeks for free & pay for the entire year up front. Monthly memberships pay on monthly basis.

Rapid Research Review is a subscription where it’s $49.99 to sign up and $24.99 every month. If you sign up for the annual membership you will be charged $247 for the entire year, annually. 

Monthly: After you sign up your next payment will be pro-rated & charged on the 1st of the following month.

Annually: After you sign up, your next annual payment will be pro-rated & charged on the 1st of the following year. 

The research is simplified and focuses on health, wellness, rehab and training aspects. It is perfect for students, health care practitioners, athletic trainers, athletes interested in evidence-based training and anyone else interested in human fitness and function. 

The full texts are attached to your Rapid Research Review email. You can also find them along with hundreds of other organized research articles in our free research archive.

If you’re not happy with Rapid Research Reviews, please let us know! We strive to make sure that you’re getting value, so we would appreciate you helping us understand what we could be doing better. Please send us a note at hello@physicaltherapyresearch.net.

If you would like to cancel, Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime, however you will not receive a pro-rated refund.  Annual memberships can be cancelled at anytime, but must be cancelled within 10 days of purchase in order to receive a refund. To cancel please get in touch with us a hello@physicaltherapyresearch.net

We do not offer refunds for monthly memberships.  

Annual memberships must be cancelled within 10 days of initial purchase in order to receive a refund. We do not offer refunds on automatic renewals. To cancel please get in touch with us a hello@physicaltherapyresearch.net

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At Physical Therapy Research, we’re incredibly passionate about making sure that we provide value through easy to read, high quality physical therapy research delivered directly to you. As a result, whether it’s via our Instagram Account, free Research Archive or Rapid Research Review, we’re here to help you find and consume leading-edge physical therapy research in order to stay at the top of your field. 

Therefore if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions please let us know by sending us a note at hello@physicaltherapyresearch.net. Above all, we want to ensure that we’re saving you time, providing quality research and helping you in anyway we can. 

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